Lintbells has been making premium quality, natural supplements since 2006 when a passion for the difference great nutrition can make to pets' lives was discovered. They believe the key to a pet having a long and happy life is great nutrition and exercise.

YuMEGA was the product to launch the brand, an ever-popular essential oil supplement for healthy skin and coat. Since then, Lintbells have grown to become a leading expert when it comes to developing, perfecting and producing high quality pet supplements that really work!

YuMEGA Show Dog

There's science (and love) behind everything done at Lintbells. Ingredients are always the absolute best, with recipes tested and proven.

Lintbells full range of health care products and supplements are specifically designed to encourage the well-being of your dog. With products designed to help target a wide range of health areas relating to joint care and mobility, digestion, skin, eye and dental.


Joint stiffness can be common in dogs. Whether they're old or young, Lintbells YuMOVE range provides premium supplements and chewable options to support joint care in your dog.

YuMOVE Chewable Tablets are the original triple action dog joint formulations, recommended for older dogs that are beginning to show joint stiffness. They aid stiff joints, help mobility and support joint structure. Also available in a One-A-Day Chewie, packed with the finest quality active ingredients, including Lintbells very special ActiveEase® Green Lipped Mussel, to keep pooches super mobile.

YuMOVE Dog YuMOVE One-A-Day YuMOVE Active Dog


Combat the common problems of stress and anxiety in your dogs with Lintbells range of YuCALM supplements. Their scientifically proven ingredients support dogs to reduce stress, support calm behaviour, ease anxiety and support them in becoming happier and playful.

YuCALM Dog Tablets have a clever combination of ingredients to support natural calming pathways in the brain. Containing lemon-balm, L-Theanine and fish protein, this is a natural supplement not a sedative.

Also available in a One-A-Day Chewie, an ideal option for those dogs nervous of the groomers, fireworks, other dogs, strangers, travel, or being left alone.



Lintbells range of YuDIGEST supplements for dogs are developed with a mix of probiotic and prebiotic ingredients to encourage healthy digestion.

YuDIGEST Dog is high in Omega 3 and developed to actively support the digestive health and keep sensitive tummies in top shape. It works by reducing wind, keeping stools firm and inhibits the levels of bad bacteria in the dog's stomach, helping them stay fit and active.

YuDIGEST Plus is ideal if your dog is prone to digestive problems. Gentle, natural and effective, it provides fast support for troubled tummies, and helps manage ongoing upsets.



More Than Dogs

Lintbells aren't just all for the dogs, they also create supplements for cats as well as humans!

As cats grow older it is important to look after their joints, so YuMOVE Cat has been developed to encourage mobility. Containing a unique combination of high-strength ingredients to aid stiff joints and support joint function. Phosphate-free, fast-acting and easy to feed.

Us humans also experience joint pains, so Lintbells have specifically designed iMOVE for you, with their unique triple-action formula. iMOVE provides you with vital nutrients that help with stiffness and lubricate your joints to get you moving freely.


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