Summertime Grooms

Summertime Grooms
Step 1
Summertime walks can often end up with some mucky pups and what better way to get them clean than with Pozer's eco-friendly, soap-free shampoos? With 30% off our 300ml bottles and a specifically formulated shampoo for each coat type why not give one of these innovative, fun products a try!
Step 2
Effortlessly make sure your pooch is dry and looking like they've stepped out of the salon. A high velocity blaster like this Single Motor Blaster will get rid of excess water out of the dog's coat and remove loose hairs from undercoats to have them looking fabulously fresh.
Step 3
For that extra ultimate freshness, a little spritz between baths will have coats smelling fresh for days at a time. Pozer have a range of long-lasting amazing scents, definitely one for every personality.
Home Grooming
If you're still unable to make it to your groomers and need a helping hand, why not check out our brand ambassador Michael Shiels videos on home grooming to help keep your pet healthy in these challenging times.Home Grooming with Michael Shiels