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ShowSeason Dog Shampoo

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ShowSeason True Tearless Shampoo
ShowSeason Puppy Hypo Shampoo
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Dog Shampoo

When it comes to dog shampoo we try to give you the widest range of professional shampoo brands on the market. This way you should be able to cater for any breeds, colour or skin conditions you get in the salon. We have flea shampoos, dry shampoos, antifungal shampoos, oatmeal shampoos and much more. If unable to find a shampoo or just not sure which to choose, you can call us on 028 276 66879 for even more help and information. Don't forget to check out our groomer development website that is updated regularly.


Made in the USA Showseason are committed to creating the best products in the industry that enhance the lives of professional groomers and the pets they service. With shampoos, conditioners, colognes, ear + eye care and more.