Puppy Love

Show some extra love and attention

Dogs are well-known to be loyal and loving companions often referred to as 'man's best friend', and with each dog comes a different and unique personality. At Christies Direct, we're all dog lovers, and what better month to celebrate this love than in February? With Valentine's Day celebrated on the 14th of February we want to take every day this month to remind you to show your dog that extra bit of love and attention, whether it be at home or in the salon.

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A part of the family

These fiercely loyal, extremely intelligent, and down-right adorable companions quickly become a part of the family so it's important to take the time to build a solid relationship that works for both you and them.
The three main components to ensure this connection are love, trust and respect.

Spend as much time as you can with your dog, giving them that extra special attention

Communicate. Take the time to learn your dog's language and how they communicate through body language

This has to be earned, not demanded. Take the time to properly train your dog and let them know you're in charge.

Perfectly groomed pooches

Why not use this month to schedule in your dog's trip to the groomers to ensure their coat is in top shape and give them some time for a pamper. Not a fan of the groomers? Take some time out of your daily schedule to spend time with your dog, practicing basic grooming techniques and teaching your dog to love their grooming pamper.

Check out some of our favourite products to have your pooch looking perfectly groomed both in the salon and at home.

A luxurious and woody fragrance

The perfect cologne choice can have your dog smelling like a million dollars with a simple spray, an invisible signature of unshakeable elegance. The new Limited Edition Noir cologne from Groom Professional will leave a luxurious and woody fragrance with notes of warm sandalwood, powdery musk, frankincense, and myrrh. The perfect scent for a cosy feeling, with a long-lasting scent for days.

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Sweet, luxurious and nourishing

Have a doodle breed at home or frequently in the salon? Or maybe you just love the smell of chocolate and coconut? Then the sweet luxurious chocolate and coconut products from Groom professional are perfect for you! Give them a nourishing pamper with selected shampoos and conditioners and finish off with a simple spritz to leave them smelling sweet for days.

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Keep them looking fresh between grooms

Can't get to the groomers? Want to keep your pooch looking fresh in between grooms but not sure what products to use? Well, our handy Pet Packs have you fully covered with all the products you need available with a click of a button. Check out our guide and simply enter in your dog's breed and get grooming.

A perfect option for groomers to recommend to customers to help with the coat's upkeep, making their next groom a lot more efficient.

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The key to a shiny and smooth coat

Many dogs love to be brushed, however not all do. A key to keeping a dog's coat shiny and smooth is regular brushing so getting them to grips with the process is important for a smoother grooming routine. Start with lighter strokes, making sure your dog is comfortable and relaxed before working your way up to more firm brushing strokes.

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Take time and care

The upkeep of a dogs nails is important to ensure there is no impact or damage to the feet which could cause pain when walking. You can tell when to clip your dog's nails between grooms by examining them and ensuring the nails do not extend beyond the pad, or listen out for them clicking and scratching along hard flooring. When clipping the nails take time and care to only cut the dead end off and avoid the nerve and blood supply, commonly known as the 'quick'.

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It's Pet Dental Health Month!

Looking after your dog's teeth with regular brushing is important to avoid any mouth diseases in their later life. Our range of oral health products have everything from wipes to gels to help you find the best process to keep your dog's smile shining bright!

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