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Professional Pet Products Eye Care

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Professional Pet Products Ppp Tear Stain Remover 118ml
Professional Pet Products AromaCare Tear Stain Remover Wipes
Professional Pet Products Eye-Safe Eye Protectant
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Eye Care

Pets eyes can be a source of discomfort for them if not looked after properly. From small things like the build-up of tear stains to more serious issues like damage to the cornea. The more simple problems can be aided with one of our tear stain removers or wipes but although these items are useful for clearing up discharge from the eye if the problem persists then it is best to have a vet look at it because it could be a serious problem which if left could result in blindness or loss of the eye.

Professional Pet Products

PPP pride themselves on being the home of fleas, ticks and pet skin problems. Founded by animal lovers and specializing in the manufacture of grooming products for dogs, cats and more.