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Bichon Frises

The Bichon Frise is a happy, upbeat dog with a willingness to learn. They can be quite vocal, but with good training and socialising they make great household dogs.
Bichons are known for their white wooly coats, but puppies can have slight colours to their coat including apricot and grey. As they have a curly coat with a shorter undercoat, they don’t shed as frequently as others making them suitable for people with some allergies.

Breed Standard

Head: The Bichon has a soft, dark-eyed, inquisitive look. The eyes are well round, black or dark brown and are set in the skull to look directly forward, with black eye rims. The ears drop and are covered with long flowing hair.They are set on slightly higher than eye level and rather forward on the skull, so that when the dog is alert they serve to frame the face. The skull is slightly rounded. There is a slight degree of chiseling under the eyes and the lower jaw is strong. The nose is prominent and always black and the lips are black and fine with a scissor bite.

Neck and Body: The arched neck is long and blends smoothly into the shoulders. The topline is level except for a slight, muscular arch over the loin. The chest is developed and wide, with the lowest point extending to the elbow. Tail is well plumed, set on level with the topline and curved over the back so that the hair of the tail rests on the back. When the tail is extended toward the head it reaches at least halfway to the withers. The shoulder blade, upper arm and forearm are approximately equal in length. Front legs are straight, with no bow or curve in the forearm or wrist and the elbows are held close to the body. The pasterns slope slightly from the vertical. The dewclaws may be removed. The feet are tight and round, resembling those of a cat and point directly forward, turning neither in nor out. Pads are black with short nails. The hindquarters are well angulated with muscular thighs.

Coat: The undercoat is soft and dense, the outer coat of a coarser and curlier texture. The combination of the two gives a soft but substantial feel to the touch and when patted springs back. The coat is trimmed to reveal the natural, rounded outline of the body. The furnishings of the head, beard, moustache, ears and tail are left longer. The longer head hair is trimmed to leave a rounded look. Color is white, may have shadings of buff, cream or apricot around the ears or on the body.

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Grooming Tips



A Bichon Frise has a thick, curly coat and a signature powder puff look, free of any marks or lines. Bichons should be brushed frequently and require a trip to the groomers at least every four to six weeks. The Bichon Frise breed should be scissor trimmer or clipper trimmed to achieve that perfectly puffed and rounded finish.

Prior to Bathing

If necessary, pluck any loose hair from the ear canal.
Use a slicker brush to go through the coat and remove any tough tangles or matts. A detangling spray can help speed up this process if required.
Use a clipper to remove excess hair from the body and set pattern lines.
Special whitening shampoos can be used to enhance your Bichons coat.

After Bathing

Towel dry the coat initially until damp.
Again, spritz the fur with detangling spray and brush through to remove any tangles that may have formed during bathing and drying.
Use a pin or bristle brush to fluff the fur and add shine and body.
Hand scissor the top of the head to achieve the distinguishable Bichon look. Curved scissors can help to achieve this look with ease.
The legs should be kept full, straight and parallel, with the feet tight and rounded. Working with curved scissors and your thinners will achieve this wonderfully fluffed cloud-like appearance.
Use thinners to tidy the underline and rear, keeping it tight and neat.
The tail is generally left long and natural, with a fluffed-up finish.
Finally, finish with a light styling gel, mousse, or spray to add body to the coat and control the fall. Shine spray can be added depending on preference with a fine mist.


Considered to be relatively hypoallergenic, Bichons shed very little as the shed hair is caught up in the undercoat. This shed hair needs to be brushed out the prevent mats and tangles forming.
The bichons nails should be trimmed regularly, and they require regular tooth brushing.
Bichon Frise dogs tend to have sensitive skin, so be careful when applying shampoo and brushing the coat.