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Blade Care: Do's and Don'ts

Blade Care: DOS and DON'TS


There are a number of things you can do when using your blades to increase their lifetime:


  • Clean & maintain your blades daily
  • Keep blades lightly oiled, a small teardrop on either corner of the blade (we recommend oiling your blades every 10-15 minutes)
  • Use appropriate products to cool your blades, use a coolant spray regularly throughout your groom,  such as the Groom Professional 4 in 1 Clipper Spray
  • Use appropriate products to clean your blades, a disinfectant blade wash will also help keeps your blades lubricated (such as the Groom Professional Klip Well Blade Wash)
  • Store your blades safely & securely in dry, seal tight container ( such as the Andis blade case) always keep in cool conditions to help prevent rust forming. 
  • In general; wash, dry and brush the dogs before clipping them, to extend the life of your blades. The smallest grain of sand can blunt a blade.De-matt prior to clipping when possible to lengthen the life of your blades
  • Get your blades sharpened professionally as regularly as required. We offer this through our Master Service
  • Keep back up blades.



  • Never Adjust the blade tension via the screw (this completely changes the balance of the blade and should only be done by a blade specialist)
  • Don’t attempt to take blades apart
  • Never over-oil your blade
  • Never oil your clipper
  • Never face your blade up when oiling if still attached to your clipper (always face the blade to the ground, so no oil runs into the clippers head)
  • Don't use WD-40. WD-40 contains impurities, which can, in turn, blunt your blades and kill them quicker. Instead, use a blade specific oil, such as the Groom Professional Clipper Oil
  • Try not to drop or damage your blades (store them securely)
  • Where possible, try not to use your blades on matted or dirty dogs, as this can blunt your blades quickly.


Top Tip: Try not to use your good set of blades for rough work or matted dogs.

Top Tip: Always make sure the dog is clean before you go in with your clipper blades.

Top Tip: Try to keep one set of blades for rough work and another set for finishing work, to help ensure a good finish regardless.