New Life In Spring


As the days become longer and the temperatures begin to rise, Spring is a time where everything begins to grow and burst into life.

Springtime is a popular season for the birth of a new life, from lambs to puppies! Much like us humans, puppies need to be protected from the colder weather, so a springtime birth allows them to adapt and grow before the harsher winter weather rolls around again. Although puppies are born all year round, Spring is a very popular time for the beginning of this new life so you may start to see an increase in tiny visitors to your salon.


A puppy's first groom is an important experience that can set the tone for that individual pup's reaction to the grooming salon for the rest of his or her life. If done right, it will make your, or your future dog groomers, experience much easier. The earlier you can get your puppy to the salon the better, we recommend introducing your puppy to grooming at 10-12 weeks old, after they have received their second set of vaccinations. Patience is key when introducing a puppy to the salon, but if done right it will save you time and stress in the future. Be patient at all times.

Home grooming can start earlier than this, and we have some top tips to help you prepare your pup for their very first visit.

Regular brushing text image

A simple and common tool that can be introduced to your pup from a young age is an everyday brush. Due to the sensitive skin of a puppy, and the fact they are not familiar with grooming, we recommend a Ball Pin Slicker for a more gentle brush.

Familiarise handling pup image text

One of the most important steps to take before going to a groomer is getting your pup used to having their paws touched and handled. Gently touch their feet and toes, providing treats for positive reinforcement, so when tools such as nail clippers are introduced the puppy is used to this area of their body being handled.


Once a puppy first enters the salon, spending 10 or 15 minutes with them and their owner, interacting in a friendly positive manner to gain their trust, is a great way to initially get them used to being comfortable with you in the environment of your salon.

Interact with the puppy and a range of grooming tools, even if not using them, to get them used to the process. Giving them a brush, let them investigate some scissors, and take a clipper on the lowest setting and face the blade away from the coat and get the puppy used to the noise and feel for the clipper

Puppy shampoo image text

Puppies have very sensitive skin so it is important to use ones designed to clean and protect their young skin. We have a range of fragrance-free and fragranced shampoos that have been specially formulated with gentle cleansing bases and mild ingredients which will not strip the coat and skin of any essential natural oils or irritate the skin.

You might think that brushing 'puppy teeth' isn't an important task, but it is. Establishing this process early means that they will get more used to having their teeth brushed when they get older. Start small and get them used to your fingers in their mouth before slowly introducing the likes of teeth gel and brushes.

Nail Care image text

It is important to trim your pet's nails as necessary and take care when doing so to make sure the nails do not break and bleed. You can use a number of tools to carry out this task, you can either file them (if you have a patient enough pup) or you can use specially designed nail clippers. Prepare the pup for this process by handling their feet and starting to clip their nails from a young age. Clipping the nails also ensures that no dirt or grass gets stuck in them, helping to keep your puppy's paws free of infections.

While you have the puppy in with its owners, this is a great chance to show them the best way to look after their newest member of the family in-between visits to the salon. Use this opportunity to sell them the right brush to maintain the coat, and products such as cologne spritz and puppy wipes to keep them smelling fresh and looking clean without the risk of over-bathing.