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Heiniger are world leaders in animal shearing, with their range constantly evolving to meet their customers needs. Swiss quality, safety and precision are of top priority to their highly skilled team.

Heiniger’s exceptional range of high quality clippers and trimmers feature world class design and manufacturing technology. Designed with low noise levels and quality operator comfort, it is clear to see why Heiniger is a popular choice amongst groomers.

With cord and cordless options to choose from and a range of blades, Heiniger is a reliable option for your salon.

 Heiniger Saphir Pink Paw Clipper Heiniger Saphir Pink Paw Clipper

Proving to be a popular choice in the market, this magnificent clipper has been manufactured to the highest quality that you would expect from Heiniger. With both corded and cordless options and a range of designs, there is a Saphir suited to every style and preference. With a lightweight and slim grip hand-piece, this clipper is perfect for a long, heavy-duty day in the salon. Clip all day long without charging with the corded version, or for those who prefer working without the cord, the cordless Saphir will have you grooming for 50-60 minutes with only a 45 minute charge. Check out all the options below and find your grooming essential.

 Heiniger Opal Clipper Heiniger Opal Clipper

Introducing the NEW Heiniger Opal Cordless clipper with a cutting-edge ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the hand. Extremely quiet and lightweight, the Opal is impressively powerful and equipped with two-speed levels. With 3100 double strokes per minute in fast mode and 2600 in slow mode, this clipper works smoothly and quickly even through dirty and thick fur and hair. Featuring the latest lithium-ion battery technology ensures cordless clipping for over 240 minutes, with a recharge time of only one hour! Includes a built-in battery indicator, making it possible to always check the remaining battery time.

 Heiniger Midi Trimmer Heiniger Midi Trimmer

Trimmers are a popular choice amongst groomers to help with those more specific and intricate areas, such as the face, feet and sanitary areas. A trimmer blade usually cuts much shorter but it's quieter and lighter so easier to use in much more delicate positions. Heiniger has some high quality, powerful options to choose from, with corded and cordless use.

 Heiniger Blade & Blade Guides Heiniger Blades & blade Guides

Both the Opal and Saphir take a selection of A5 type snap-on blades, and to support the high quality designs of Heinger’s clippers we also stock a range of Heiniger blades. Clipper blades are a vital piece of equipment for a groomer as they are used all day every day, so we recommend getting a high quality range and taking great care of them. Heiniger blades are some of the best in quality and retain their edge for a long period of time. As well as a range of blades, Heiniger also offer a metal snap-on comb guide set, containing nine different lengths to easily attach to your clipper blade and achieve a perfect cut.

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