Hand stripping tools

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Kenchii Eric Salas Stainless Steel Stripping Stone
Kenchii 7" Straight Razor
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Hand Stripping Tools

Hand stripping tools are used for dogs with wired coats. Hand stripping involves plucking the dogs hair in the direction that it grows. These breeds of dogs have releasing hair follicles which is an evolutionary trait that used to stop the hair from getting caught and tangled in weeds and sticks. Stripping the coat is generally divided into three sections, the flatwork, jacket and the furnishings. The flatwork consists of the head, cheeks, ears, jaw-line and neckline. the jacket is the back and sides and the furnishings are the legs, beard and eyebrows. 

The stripping stones are more suited to newer groomers which allows them to learn to pull the hair without bending the wrist or breaking the coat. The Chris Christensen Michelangelo Sculpting stone is great for more delicate areas such as the inner ear. Using grooming chalk/powder provides more grip to the hair when grooming. Using stripping knives can be daunting for beginners, especially knowing which knife to get etc. so if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us by phone, email or facebook and we will be happy to help.