Hand Care

Your hands are constantly at work in the salon, and after a long day of grooming they may become sore and tired. It's important to give your hands as much care and attention in looking after them as you do with your equipment, as they are a key tool in your day to day tasks, both in the salon and at home.
Give your hands a well deserved advanced treatment with 10% Off the Advanced Groomer Care For Working Hands Set. Keep hands refreshed while preventing the spread of germs with the fragrance free hand cleansing gel throughout the day, and restore moisture to dry and chapped skin with the easily absorbed enriched hand therapy cream.
10% Off Working Hands Set
The method of hand stripping can be a tricky process and tiring on the hands. Hand stripping needs to be handled with care to work effectively, and with our range of Hand Stripping products we aim to make the process easier on both your hands and the dog.
Hand Stripping Products
Paw Care
Dog's paws can go through a lot in one day, so it's important to look after them and give them the same love and care that we put into ourselves. We have a range of products available which perfectly provide dog's with protection from everyday wear and tear.
Paw Care
Paw Care
Check out our Brand Ambassador, Michael Shiels, as he shares his hints and tips for taking care of paws at home.