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Groom Professional Thornit Ear Powder

Thornit Ear Powder is used for ear mites and their complications - such as itching - in dogs, cats and small animals. Itchy ears are usually caused by an ear mite which also creates blobs of wax that can be seen in the ear. These blobs can also weep and smell. 

  • Tackles ear mites & their complications 
  • Available in 2 sizes: 
    • 20 g
    • 100 g

To Use: Simply sprinkle a small amount of Thornit ear powder onto the inside of the ear surface NOT the ear hole and massage in. 

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Reviews (38)
There are 38 reviews with an average rating of 4.86
jannette from NetherlandsOwner31 January 2017 16:38
when you have big dogs with big ears this is the only thing that will keep them clean and healthy, the first time I bought it at the Crufts, on advice from a saint bernard breeder ,and this was almost 10 years ago. I live in the Netherlands and you won't find it here so I am sooooo very happy to have found a shop that will send it to me, and so are my dogs, so thank you so much for sending it to me and so very fast to. regards Jannette
Anonymous from AustraliaOwner17 November 2016 07:12
Several people saying to put it down deep in the ear canal but our UK dog rescue forums advocate against that and suggest brushing it around the inside of the ear without going deep into the canal. A soft make up blusher brush does a good job without using too much powder. Used this product on my spaniels for years and can highly recommend it.
My dog is only 10 months old and already has had 2 ear infections. His ears started to become smelliest and red again and I didn't want to keep giving him antibiotics. I cleaned his ears, dried them well, removed execess hair as I usually do when I can see his infection is starting. But then I applied the thorn it ear powder (researched it on the net) and am amazed that his ear settled down and he now has lovely pale pink healthily looking ears which have no odour.
Please note the powder smells very clinical
Jane from AustraliaOwner21 May 2013 13:56
My mini Schnauzer has suffered for a number of years from mites and scratching which always resulted in going to the vet. Been using Thornit for 2 weeks and managing the itchiness much better. Dog responding quicker and much happier dog. Using it to manage canker in second dog. Overall.
I have several Spinoni Italiani- hairy dogs with big droopy ears, prone to infection. Two of them also have allergies which means we fight the ear fight chronically. My female has already had to have a total ear canal ablation- basically losing her ear canal- to cure a horrible pseudomonas infection that was resistant to everything and caused immense pain and sores in her ear. I consoled myself that she still had her right ear remaining...Well, that began to become infected. And one of my other dogs kept trying to "help" clean it by sucking on it...which only made it worse. We were close to a 2nd ear ablation after months of irrigation, antibiotics, etc. I ordered this on the advice of another Spinone person- hardest part was the 2 wk wait for shipping from the UK. Started to use 3x/d initially; now we are weaned to every other and her ear is perfect. We are awestruck. I call it her magic pixie dust, and it's the only thing that has saved her from a life of deafness. Needless to say I've ordered a spare. I use a disposable soft plastic dropper to get the powder right down in the canal. No more pain, pus, sores or anything else. Only regret is that we didn't know about it before she lost her left ear canal. We are believers for life.
Tried this because my dog really smelt. He suffered with ear infections and it costs s fortune going to the vets. Also because he scratched them so much, they were sore so it was hard to get drops in. However after a few days of using this powder, it's amazing. Helped so much, now he doesn't smell, he lets me put the powder in once a week. That's all that's needed now. Amazing product, definitely recommend.
Anonymous from United KingdomOwner29 February 2012 19:06
My dog suffers with ear problems and I purchased this with the hope that it will save a vet bill of £75.00 each time her ear flares up. Her sore ear looks better within 24 hours and only a tiny amount of the powder is required - amazing. Can also be used on paws and can be put directly onto skin too - comes with easy to understand instructions. It does has rather a strong medical smell, but as it works we can put up with that for a few days!
Caz from United KingdomOwner12 January 2012 22:46
Having spent years trying to find something to sort out my scotties ear problem out including numerous prescriptions from the vet as well as various types of eardrops this powder cleared the foul smelling ear wax and soreness within days of first use I followed the treatment twice daily for five days then used the Aurigel also sold on here to clean the wax away the gel emulsified the wax almost immediately after only massaging in for a few mins and wiping away with cotton wool pads. For the first time in years my Scottie now appears pain free and fresh smelling. I highly recommend to anyone with a pet experiencing similar problems as mine to give both the products a try..
Sandie from FranceOwner06 October 2015 18:03
My Briard is now 11 years old and his breeder introduced me to 'Thornit' when the dog was a puppy. It sorts out ear mites so quickly but can also be sprinkled on the fur the deter fleas as an interim if you've run out of your usual anti-flea stuff. This is a superb product but it does smell a bit!
Paulette from United StatesOwner16 October 2018 15:44
This is the only doggy ear treatment I will use! My Boykin
Spaniel has ear problems often. This stops & heals it quickly
Stops ear shaking! A friend ordered some thru me & will
Not part with it! Life saver! Bella my spaniel thanks you!
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