Groom Professional Lincoln Stainless Steel Bath with Taps From  £695.00

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Anonymous from United KingdomOwner07 October 2018 18:17
Very high quality product from Christies. The in-house service including delivery was great.

I can’t fault this product including the drainage. I connected a fixed pipe with in-line trap, The water flows freely as the base has falls. The mixer shower is also high quality including the shower head.

Very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to any body who is after a professional bath.
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Alex from United Kingdom05 November 2015 13:23
This product is being used in a utility room on a country property. I was disappointed with a couple of obvious oversights - the drainage hose has no u-bend and being flexible, will return drain odour into the room. Similarly, the braided hoses connecting the shower hose are rubbish - they stand out by about 30 centrimetres, if you bend them, they crimp and restrict water flow. I've replaced them before I even turned the unit on with some right angle elbows which drop the pipes almost flush to the side. For almost £700, I would expect better.
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Mark from United KingdomOwner06 January 2018 17:08
Sturdy and well built. However, there are a few design oversights. As mentioned by others, there is no drainage U-bend therefore you get smells backing up from the Flexi pipe. But the most annoying thing is the bottom of the shower is completely flat preventing water and dirt from running off naturally towards the drain. As a result residue soon collects under the plastic trays making it a pain to keep clean.
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