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Groom Professional Fast Dri Spray

Fast Dri is a revolutionary grooming spray loved by groomers over the world! Fast Dri dramatically reduces drying time, without affecting the natural structure of the coat or leaves any residue! Simply spray onto a wet/damp coat after bathing, then blast and dry as usual.

This unique spray increases the hair's natural ability to repel water, utilising the power of your dryer and blaster.

We now have three distinctive scents - Classic has a fruity scent, Ocean Breeze has a fresh scent while First Love has the favourite scent of baby powder.

  • Dramatically reduced drying time
  • Leaves no residue
  • Enhances the hairs natural water repelling ability
  • Long lasting scents 

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Reviews (52)
There are 52 reviews with an average rating of 4.50
Really has cut my drying times for all dogs. Leaves a nice shine and feel to the coat. Spray very easy to use. Big bonus is the fruity scent. Every single owner since I bought this has commented on how nice their dogs smell and it is the best air freshener. The salon still smells fresh after a weekend off! Economical in use, too. Got much more than I expected from just one product. A must have!
sarah from United KingdomOwner01 June 2016 19:17
This spray does work! It drys the coat a little quicker (don't expect it to knock loads off drying time but it does alittle) but it leave the coat smelling wonderful, so much so that cologne isn't really needed, though I do still use just as a top up. But I wouldn't be without it.
Poshpets from United KingdomOwner21 August 2013 17:17
I purchased this product as I have lots of clients that love their dogs in a 'teddy bear' type trim therefore when bathed they are always very fluffy and take a lot of drying. This product works great only a couple of sprays on each leg works a treat and it smells gorgeous! The only downside is (although the bottle is big) we find in a busy salon it's used up very quickly.
Wessex Girl from United KingdomOwner22 September 2015 16:05
I use this on all my clients, it smells lovely, dogs don't mind the smell or being sprayed with it as it is a very soft fine spray. And I think it does actually cut drying time which means it is very economical. Recommend.
K Murphy from United KingdomOwner12 September 2015 13:33
This is a great product, it definitely cuts drying time by at least 1/3, I got the small size to give it a try, so I will be getting the large one now. For dogs with large coats, this is a must have.
dogsheila from United Kingdom11 April 2017 18:28
As a sole groomer it helps me if i have a dog that takes longer than it should i can the catch up time
Always seems weird that you can add more moisture and the dog dries quicker!
Anonymous from United KingdomOwner05 August 2016 15:14
It smells great and lasts on my dog. It smells so good that I give the sofa a quick spray as well. This product really works and the service was very good
Kelly from United KingdomOwner27 October 2013 10:52
Absolutely love this product! It has an amazing smell and reduces drying time incredibly! Will be using again for sure! Happy happy happy x
LOLLIPOP DI TOSATO MONICA from Italy Owner10 August 2018 21:45
Prodotto eccellente e che a detta della clientela lascia una delicata profumazione sul cane. Lo uso da qualche anno e non lo cambio.
Anonymous from United KingdomOwner27 April 2018 09:20
Does exactly what's its
Meant to do, sprayed it straight after bathing the dog and it cuts half the time - it's brilliant and smells lovely 😊
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