Groom Professional Candy Shop Colognes

Groom Professional Rhubarb & Custard Cologne

Delicious scent reminiscent of a classic candy! we dare you not to snuggle your pooch after using this cologne! Scent lasts on the coat for days.

Groom Professional Sweet Heart Cologne

A sugary sweet treat with the refreshing notes of raspberry and strawberry layered with vanilla sherbert. Simply spray directly on the coat for instant freshness that will last for days


Groom Professional Strawberry Bon Bon Cologne

A sweet scent with notes of juicy strawberries and powdery soft vanilla. Simply spray on the coat for an instant sweet, freshness that will last on the coat for days! Suitable for male and females.

Groom Professional Fluffy Marshmallow Cologne

Sweet and dreamy, a velvety soft puff of raspberry marshmallows wrapped in a layer of vanilla for a soft sweet scent. Simply spray on the coat for instant freshness. Scent will last for days!


Groom Professional Canine Candy Shop Cologne Display Box 12 pack

The easy way to start selling colognes and make a 'sweet' statement in your salon. This cologne display box is retail ready and will look superb on any counter. This box comes complete with three of each of our delicious candy scented colognes. An easy way to earn more money in your salon!