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Double K The Solution

The Double K range has proved to be one of our top selling shampoo brands over the years and this is no doubt down to their proven results in the most extreme circumstances. The excellent cleaning power and high dilution rates mean these shampoos are fantastic value for money. 

THE SOLUTION for detangling and conditioning is an extraordinarily versatile product which will help detangle the most difficult mats and/or condition a wide range of coat types. Extreme concentration creates great value. May be highly diluted for leave-in detangling spray or used straight to help loosen tough mats. Humectant and emollient rich formula is gentle and may be used regularly for beautiful show ring results. Great for groomer’s/bather’s hands. Excellent for use on dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, llamas and all companion and farm animals. Versatile, Makes Up To 33 Gallons Of Spray-On Product.

  • Dilutes down to be a perfect conditioning spray 
  • Dilutes 32:1 
  • Helps detangle tough mats
  • 3.8 litre container
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Reviews (8)
There are 8 reviews with an average rating of 4.62
Rhiannon from United KingdomOwner13 November 2017 12:38
I have a Giant Schnauzer and I used this conditioner on his beard and legs at the weekend. I used it concentrated and found that it was easy to wash out and had a lovely smell.
After drying and brushing out I was able to get a fine combs through his legs and beard easily. I'll definitely use this product again. My GS wasn't complaining either as he got lots of extra attention and cuddles!
Mrs M from United KingdomOwner28 July 2018 08:11
I found this conditioner very thick and heavy which made it difficult to get out of the bottle without diluting it first. In saying that it does make handling tangled coats a lot easier. The screw top on the neck of the bottle sheared off completely after a short period of time, so can't use a pump with it.
Janice from United Kingdom18 April 2012 08:53
I find this product to be great used on one of my Afghan Hounds who has such a long and thick coat. Over all the years of owning these beautiful hounds, he has been the worst coat to maintain as regards knotting, and I find this conditioner really helps to keep knots at bay and help remove any existing ones.
Centre from United KingdomOwner01 November 2011 19:08
I've only given this 4 stars as I'm not overly impressed with the "very dilute" version that you can "leave in" as a conditioner. I might not have made up the correct concentration, but it leaves a slightly "greasy" sheen on the dog.

HOWEVER, as a concentrate conditioner for Wet Shaving or De-Matting in the bath its absolutely BRILLIANT and I wouldn't be without it..
Carolyn from United Kingdom21 August 2015 16:09
I have only used this once so far but it was on a clients dog whose medium coat was very dull and lifeless. The difference was amazing! She came out of the bath shiny and lustrous. It's good value too because its concentrated.
Alex from United KingdomOwner20 September 2017 19:12
Thick, creamy, helps with tangles and small mats, easy to rinse out, leaves hair nicely moisturized but not heavy. I use it on shih tzu's legs, c**kapoo's tails as standard. Excellent!
Sue  from United Kingdom10 October 2017 15:21
Smells good and on my long coated old English easier to brush
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