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Double K Alpha White Shampoo

The Double K range has proven to be one of our top selling shampoo brands over the years and this is no doubt down to their proven results in the most extreme circumstances. The excellent cleaning power and high dilution rates mean these shampoos are fantastic value for money. 

ALPHA WHITE deep cleaning conditioning shampoo is the perfect choice for deep, thorough, yet gentle cleaning of animals with white coats or markings. Removes stains and yellowing. Deodorizes. Leaves hair lustrous and shiny. Extreme concentration creates great value! Long-lasting results leave animals looking, feeling and smelling great long after ALPHA WHITE™ is used. Humectant and emollient rich formula enriches the animal's hair and skin. May be used regularly for beautiful, show ring results. Great for dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and other companions and farm animals.

  • Fantastic Cleaning Power
  • Dilute at 32:1
  •  3.8 Litre container
Our Best Selling Double K Dog Shampoo
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Reviews (20)
There are 20 reviews with an average rating of 4.90
Anonymous from Ireland17 June 2017 22:01
One bottle last me about 140 dogs. Thats 2 washes per dog. But there are 2 things that I dont like about it.
1. The quality isn't consistant. sometimes its more concentrated than others. If it looks dark its good. If it looks pale its bad and you'll need to up the concentration.
2. I wish it washed out faster. It take for ever to rince out.
I've tried others and none match the value for money 1/32 mix.
Sue from United KingdomOwner12 August 2016 15:23
I have a Springer who has large areas of white. I bought a different brand of whitening shampoo by mistake initially but used it anyway. Realised it did make a difference - his white areas gleamed. Until he went swimming in the pond!! This shampoo seems really good - gives a good gleam to his coat.
carolyn from United KingdomOwner09 March 2016 15:35
This stuff really is good! Not only is it extremely economical since its so highly concentrated but it does what it promises! I can actually see light and white coats lifting before my eyes whilst the dog is in the tub. It leaves white coats gleaming. I apply, leave on for a couple of minutes, rinse and repeat. Owners comment on how bright white their pooches are!
Anonymous from United Kingdom17 November 2011 23:28
This shampoo is outstanding on white and black coats. The cleaning power is fantastic and the brightness and softness of the white coats are second to none (none really for show Westie coats due to softening of the coat) and beautiful shine of the black coats. I've tried several other shampoo's for white coats and none come close to this product, it is a must have for any groomer.
four paws from United KingdomOwner05 June 2012 18:40
love this shampoo! i've been using it a few weeks now and many customers hve commented how white their dogs look. i love the softness it gives the coat. i used it on my cat the other day and he's soooo soft and cuddly! i will be back for the grimeinator when i need a general shampoo.
anonymous from Ireland16 November 2017 17:00
This is my favourite shampoo. I use this in my salon and on my show dogs. It puts an unbelievable shine on all coat colours especially my white and black show dogs and leaves them super white, soft and silky. It lasts forever and rinses extremely fast.
Diversity  from United KingdomOwner22 April 2013 10:51
Have 2 active Bichons who use to look more grey than white before bathing them with this highly recommended shampoo; it cleans really thorough & have a fresh lingering smell days after use, conditions well also!
Gill from United KingdomOwner17 January 2014 18:51
I love this shampoo, been using it since I trained at college 8 years ago, and have tried other brands, but they do not have the same quality I can trust for my customers and my own dogs too thanks!
love the smell and cleaning power, use this all the time in our salon, great dilution rate so although a little more expensive it actually works out better value as use less.
Mary from United KingdomOwner20 September 2016 18:30
I use this on my black dogs, their coats gleam, it reduces the red caused by the sun and leaves their coats soft and silky. The best shampoo I have ever used!
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