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Christies Happy Hoodie Set  £13.95

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Happy Hoodie Set

Some dogs become anxious or fearful from the air noise and wind force associated with high velocity dryers. The Happy Hoodie muffles the noise and calms the pet. The thick terry material helps soak up moisture from the covered area assisting drying of ears and face. Simply place the Happy Hoodie over the pet's head onto it's neck. Place the ears against the pet's head so air cannot get into them and slide the band back over the top of the head to secure the ears in place. Adjust the width of the band to best fit the pet by folding over excess material once the band is on. Remove the Happy Hoodie to dry the remainder of head, ears and face.

  • Muffles noice, calming your pet
  • Soaks moisture & assists drying
  • Adjustable band for secure & comfortable fit
  • A simple, yet brilliant idea.
  • Sold in pack of 2 -  1 large & 1 small
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Reviews (36)
There are 36 reviews with an average rating of 4.66
Phoebe from United KingdomOwner02 July 2018 11:26
Absolutely brilliant for blasting dogs coats out that need ear muffs the happy hoodie is great to keep dogs calm throught the whole experience i have used these at another groomers and brought my own but if anyone has an aggressive dog or anxious dog on the table whilst clipping use the happy hoodie!!! they work on the table too! its a comfort thing. Brilliant product, well done
Karina from United KingdomOwner08 August 2015 23:30
I was extremely dubious when Christies advised me that these hoodies would help calm nervous dogs whilst being blast dried. After 2 days use in my busy salon, I can't imagine working without them. The dogs seem to relax as soon as the hoodie is on, they are able to cope with the noise much better and best of all, due to the absorbent towelling, head and ears take half the time to finish.
Anonymous from United Kingdom20 February 2013 13:27
These are a lofe saver for anxious and skitty dogs even those who are angels on the grooming table use them in my salon to protect their hearing! I used them while training and they are brilliant, i reccomend them to everyone, i got the black ones because id seen the white ones used on many dogs while training and they stained and went of white and looked grim, the black ones however dont (or very little) but that may just be my preference- either way both colours are equally brilliant- a definite must have in any grooming salon!
Rachel from United KingdomOwner16 November 2011 17:58
I have used this for the first time today on a dog that just hates the dryer. He was much much calmer than usual, it made a huge difference to the whole groomming experience.

I bought this product with the dog mentioned above in mind and I am very pleased it worked so well. I can't wait to try it out on some of my other dogs.
gubby from United KingdomOwner06 May 2011 13:12
what a great idea; i use this on any dogs that are slightly nervous with the larger dryer and it works really well. It calms them without the need for restraint and allows them to have treats whilst being dried. It also stops any air movement near the ears.
I have also used it when clipping dogs who are being groomed for the first time who are a little nervous of the clippers, it works really well as they can get used to the feel and vibration of the clippers with reduced sound.

a simple but effective design...a genius idea!
Canny Mel from United KingdomOwner13 November 2014 17:31
Love these, and more importantly, so do the dogs! Every dog that comes here wears one of these. They don't look very happy wearing them but they certainly appreciate them. Dogs that have preciously turned into the Tazmanian devil when being dried now are calm and relaxed. Brilliant bit of kit.
Catriona from United KingdomOwner22 December 2013 17:15
So glad I bought this! I've used it on every dog I've had in to groom since I got it, and it's made so much difference! I leave it on through-out the whole drying process (until I get to the head and ears!) and it really helps to keep the dogs calm!
Máire from IrelandOwner31 May 2018 07:17
My 17 year old red setter lab cross normally gets very nervous with the blower...the hood made such a difference, he was so calm and actually enjoyed the drying. Definitely worth a try for nervous or hard to manage dogs
Carol from United Kingdom22 April 2013 13:04
Christies delivery was very prompt. The happy hoodie was a great advantage when I recently groomed a one year old Westie who had never been groomed before. It really helped with bathing and drying.
Ray from United KingdomOwner19 August 2016 10:17
Being somewhat sceptical, I couldn't see what made these any better than a standard towel wrapped around, but the dogs geniunely seem more at ease with a happy hoodie on. The hoodie really does absorb a lot of moisture from the ears, which means less drying time!
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