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Christies Direct Dog Movie Oscars 2020
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"Every dog happens for a reason."
"A dog doesn't care if you're rich or poor, clever or dull,
smart or dumb. Give him your heart and he'll give you his."
Ellie, a german shepherd police dog, is one of the four lives we see
Bailey live through in the movie.  A large, agile, muscular dog of character,
Marley is a lovable labrador retriever, an extremely popular breed known
high intelligence and fierce loyalty, we recommend the Groom Professional
for their friendly, high-spirited companionship. For labradors we recommend
Shed Stopper for this particular breed.
the Christies Rubber Scrubber, perfect for removing dead skin and promoting
hair growth, whilst giving a deep massage.
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Vote Homeward Bound
"I had a family.  And I had learned that sacrifice, friendship
"The head of the family is the one with the tail."
and love were more than just the mushy stuff."
Beethoven is a beloved saint bernard, known for their playful, charming 
Chance is a young american bulldog, a well-balanced, athletic breed that
and inquisitive qualities.  With such thick, dense coats we highly recommend
demonstrates great strength and agility, along with a loyal, friendly attitude.
using the Groom Professional Large Firm Slicker Brush on this breed for effective
Due to their wrinkly facial features. we recommend the ShowSeason Blueberry
dematting and removal of dead coat. 
3-in-1 Facial to give them a deep clean and brighten up any stains.
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Vote Beverly Hills Chhihuahua
"Tiny, but mighty."
"Everybody knows a dog's best friend is his human."
Chloe is your typical Chihuahua, a tiny dog with a huge personality.
Pampered Lady is a pristine cocker spaniel, a much-loved breed known
Known for their charming, graceful, yet sassy traits, these pups love to be
for their big eyes and gentle and smart personalities. This beautiful breed
is often prone to ear problems so we would recommend the use of
a great choice for this breed to make sure they're looking immaculate at all times.
Groom Professional Ear Wash to keep ears clean and fresh.
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Vote Lassie
"Best friends are forever."
"The humans have tried everything, now it's up to us dogs."
Lassie is a loved, majestic Collie.  With their devoted, graceful personalities it's
The dalmatian is probably best known for their unique spotted coats and
easy to see why they are such a popular breed across many homes. Due to their large coats
their loving, smart and outgoing personalities.  The Groom Professional Blueberry
we recommend the Groom Professional Amplifier Medium Firm Slicker, a great brush for removing the
Highlighting Shampoo is a perfect option for this breed to enhance the natural
dead, unwanted undercoat. The brush has extra-long pins allowing you to get deep into the breeds
black and white colours of the coat. The blueberry extracts are great at adding shine
thick, dense coat to remove the undercoat and promote new, healthy hair growth.
and moisture to the coat, while finishing with a great smell.
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"She'll steal your heart.  He'll fetch it."
"You have more independence than most people, and more charm."
Winn-Dixie is a strong, sturdy built Berger Picard. This breed tends to be
Benji is an outdoor loving border terrier breed, known for their upbeat
loyal, good-natured and observant, however can be prone to a stubborn streak.
and affectionate personality traits. If you have a dog like Benji we
These dogs do not require a lot of maintenance outside of the occasional brush, so we
recommend the Christies Stripping Stone, to keep that wiry distinct look.
recommend looking after their teeth and gums for that Winn-Dixie smile with the
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