Chris Christensen Ear Care

Chris Christensen

All Chris Christensen products now reduced to clear... To all our show dog customers, we will be continuing to stock show quality brands like Show Dog, DeZynadog, ShowSeason and excited to announce by popular request iGroom to our ever growing catalogue.

If you need further advice on alternative products please feel free to get in touch with our sales advice team 028 276 66879.

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Ear Care

Ear care for dogs and cats is very important for treatment and prevention of ear infections. We have a wide range of cat and dog ear care products available from washes, ear powders, wipes to silver water and traditional cleaners. Take care of your pets ear health with Christies Direct.

Chris Christensen

With chemistry and perseverance, Chris Christensen developed the first colour correcting canine shampoo. White on white was the catalyst in the evolution of canine coat care. the momentum that followed has allowed Chris Christensen to manufacture the finest range of shampoos available and can be used by show breeders and top class groomers. Also with his range of brushes, combs, Conditioners, colognes, scissors and more