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Chris Christensen Gotcha Odor Exploder


We sell high-quality disinfectant that is used by vets, kennels and dog grooming salons around the world. Disinfectant is an essential cleaning tool that all groomers need to have to help prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria. We sell great products from floor cleaners to spray bottles for table tops. Make sure to check out top sellers like the Medi-Mark range which includes high-level DEFRA approved disinfectants. 

Chris Christensen

With chemistry and perseverance, Chris Christensen developed the first colour correcting canine shampoo. White on white was the catalyst in the evolution of canine coat care. the momentum that followed has allowed Chris Christensen to manufacture the finest range of shampoos available and can be used by show breeders and top class groomers. Also with his range of brushes, combs, Conditioners, colognes, scissors and more