Autumnal Picks

Autumnal Picks

Autumn is a season famous for its harvest times, turning leaves, cooling temperatures and darkening nights. We have picked out our top seven products to get you through the Autumn months and keep your customers' pooches smelling, looking and feeling good.

Check out Tori's video below to find out why we recommend these products and get shopping!

Foxy Poop Shampoo

Autumn months often bring a change in temperature and weather, usually with a downpour of rain which can turn any usual walks into a muddy adventure. Foxy Poop shampoo becomes an essential bathtime staple this season to easily remove any unwanted scents and give a deep clean to cleanse the coat and leave a fresh smell for days.

Halloween Swirly Bows

With October comes Halloween and Halloween is a time to dress up and have some fun. These Groom Professional Swirly Bow Collars ensure any pooches can join in the fun with this explosion of purple, orange and black. The perfect finishing touch for any Halloween grooms!

Warren London Pawdicure

Get creative and add something new to your Autumnal grooms with these water based, non-toxic nail art pens. These quick drying pens come in a range of different colours to help you add a creative and fun Autumn look to your customers' dogs.

Show Tech Royal Bows

If you're looking for that special touch to finish your grooms off with or something to dress up your pet with, these metallic effect Royal Bows from Show Tech make the perfect choice. Simply clip the crown berets onto your customers' dogs coat and have them looking like the prince and princesses they really are.

Toffee Apple Cologne`

October is the month of Halloween which involves trick-or-treating and delicious smelling treats! This toffee apple cologne has a freakishly delicious scent of sugared apples and creamy toffee enveloped in smooth vanilla and nutmeg notes, enough to keep even the sweetest of tooths happy.

Fluffy Marshmallow Cologne`

Another sweet treat option to keep pooches smelling sweet as candy this Autumn is the Fluffy Marshmallow cologne from Groom Professional. This cologne is sweet and dreamy, with a velvety puff of raspberry marshmallows wrapped in a layer of vanilla for a soft, sweet scent.


Lintbells YuCALM Chewies

Autumn is known by many as 'Firework Season' which can be a frightening time for our fluffy companions. These natural, scientifically proven one-a-day chews from Lintbells will help support your dog through the Autumn months where they may experience stress and anxiety. Designed as an effective way to naturally support calm behaviour and reduce stress! Also a great recommendation to your customers if their dog finds the groomers a stressful experience.

Happy Hoodies

Happy Hoodie is the perfect companion to help relieve anxiety and calm dogs during stressful situations. If you find your customers' dogs don't like the loud noises of dryers in the grooming salon, the Happy Hoodie has proven to be an effective way of helping calm pets in stressful situations. During the Autumn months when there may be loud fireworks or stormy weather the Happy Hoodie is also a great product for your customers to use in their own homes to help calm their pets.

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