Specialising in dog grooming products since 1909, Artero are one of the most established brands in the grooming industry. With a range of tried and tested formulas, each of Artero’s products are known for their high-quality and professional performance, which has led them to be must-haves in the grooming salon.

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Artero have a range of different products to make your grooming life in the salon that little bit easier.

Matt-X helps to remove the toughest of tangles and static while adding nourishing condition. Flash Shine helps to give an incredible shine to all coats and contains special conditioning oils to add softness and prevent tangles. The Artero Oil Fresh Blade Freeze will lubricate, clean and disinfect clipper blades while they are being used. Contains a unique ingredient that instantly cools. Different style tool belts are available to keep your tools safe and always close to hand.

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The Artero Aurigel is a must-have product in the salon, designed with the aim of easy accurate application. Its gel form allows it to be easily applied in specific doses, it then liquefies when in contact with the skin and rapidly penetrates and removes excess wax and dirt. Contains Tea Tree Oil to soothe the ear.

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Deep conditioning treatments for all coat types. Keratin Vital is a concentrated conditioner that instantly aids brushing and restores softness and shine, with added Keratin to regenerate damaged follicles. Helps straighten, protect and promote healthy, beautiful coat growth. Adds weight and is therefore ideal for drop coats.

The Protein Vital Intense Conditioner helps to repair, restore and protect the coat, whilst the pro-vitamins add shine. Conditions the hair while respecting volume and texture.

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Artero have a range of accessories to help make your day in the salon a more beneficial and smooth running one.

The Artero Groomers Stone is like a stripping stone, only better! Simply use like a brush to remove dead hair, dirt and bring out the oils in the coat. Different style tool belts are available to keep your tools safe and always close to hand.